Sunday, 11 December 2011

Heboh! Jantung Pontianak Asli Dijual Di Ebay!

mummified vampire heart 03 225x300 Jantung Pontianak Dijual di eBay
mummified vampire heart 041 300x225 Jantung Pontianak Dijual di eBay
mummified vampire heart 05 225x300 Jantung Pontianak Dijual di eBay mummy 225x300 Jantung Pontianak Dijual di eBay 

Pelik tapi benar. Baru-baru nie aku logged in ke laman eBay.. punyala terkejut beruk aku bila terjumpa satu tajuk..tajuk nya lebih kurang begini.. “Original Vampire Heart For Sale” !! Post description nya pulak lebih kurang camnie..

We bring you the mummified heart of the vampire Auguste Delagrange. Before his destruction in 1912 Delagrange was responsible for the deaths of over forty people during one of the worst outbreaks of vampirism in the United States. He was eventually identified and hunted down by a Roman Catholic priest and a Voodoo Hougan. The pair began systematically destroying nests and minions, forcing Delagrange to take refuge in an abandoned farmhouse on the outskirts of a small town in Louisiana. It was there that a stake was driven through his heart and his body destroyed, consigning his soul to it’s inevitable end. All that remains is the heart you see before you.
So..korang rase camne..?? nie jantung pontianak real ker jantung binatang yang diniagakan..?? huhu..korang pikirlah sendiri..aku pon tak tau…harharhar..perhatikan gambar2 kat atas tu..

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